samedi 30 août 2008

# The Gotham City issue

I assume that everybody who has seen last Christopher Nolan's Batman Dark Knight would agree to say that it is a very well orchestrated movie, and I would definetly not be the exception. However, if I still can observe a little annoyance, I would have to say that I feel really disapointed by Nolan's refusal of creating anything about Gotham City. In fact, I never went to Chicago but this is obvious that it is the really city where this episode takes place (I'm also wondering what was the point of shooting in Hong Kong despite the fact that I'm always happy to see HK in a movie). Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher brought their own vision of Gotham and the weird thing is that Nolan also did in Batman begins... so what happened ? If the budget ran off, I guess it brings us back to the HK issue.
Anyway hopefully I spent a very good time watching it and I hope you did too !

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