mardi 18 novembre 2008

# NYC bike racks competition: "Alien" in da street.

In September the 10 finalists of the NYC bike rack design competition have been annonced.
One of them is Francis BITONTI head of FADarch , freshly graduated from the Pratt Institute,NYC (more info about this school ).
Frank designed one of the most original and bold looking bike rack of the competion wich compted more than 1000 entry .Frank is using scripting, creating his own program to generate a modular system that respond to the problematic of bike parking in NYC's streets.

The fabrication have been made wih 3D printing, wich was the only way to produce this pretty complex shape.

By now you can see the first prototype of this rack at the Cooper-Hewitt Design museum in NYC.

Frank is not the winner of the competition but his work really attract the curiosity and helped him to get the attention that his work deserve.

By the way you can see the winners of the competiton there...

more informations about F. Bitonti's work or about this project :

Images: Francis Anthony Bitonti (FADarchitecture)

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