lundi 9 mars 2009

# Woven Source by Peter Vikar (Angewandte)

Woven Source is Peter Vikar's 2008 diploma project for Greg Lynn Angewandte's studio in Vienna. He introduces his project this way:

This project explores a thick structural facade system for a contemporary library in downtown of Budapest. From one side, it reinvents the operation and relation to physical content and at the same time, it shifts the usage of the library towars a more city and event oriented direction.
The facade system combines the potential of structure, circulation, visual effect, enveloppe, and also creates smaller interior and exterior divisions. The majors components of this thick skin are the two interweaving layers constructed out of bent contourlines and straight stiffering members. Structurally, it works as a constant transition between a classical diagrid and a space turss condition. Due to the sophisticated control system, the skins gradiently changes the porosity of the facade and controls the amount of light for the interior spaces.

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