mardi 14 avril 2009

# Suprising survey in Le Figaro

Internet issue of yesterday Figaro (relatively conservative French newspaper) published an online survey called In your ideal vision of Paris, which building would have disappeared ?
This survey proposes a first set of cultural building which dramatizes a tenacious madness from French people to want to destroy Pompidou Centre (23% out of the 11000 persons who answered to this survey), and then with a set of various other buildings, Beaugrenelle and Montparnasse Tower seem to gather all the hate for them.
I was a bit surprised that Le Figaro turned Situationnist and was more thinking to destroy buildings than to propose new ones, however it would have been interesting to add some more buildings such as l'Elysee, le Palais Bourbon (Parliament), the Senate, Notre Dame, Stock Exchange etc. all those buildings symbols of past and present power. It would have been interesting to dare such a survey in a country which claim the beggining of its revolution by the destruction of a prison, La Bastille. Instead of that, it is once more a odd to reactionnary stubborn of an old France which provokes more issues than it does solve.

As a development you can read this former post about Paris' Commune

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Ceci dit les lecteurs de ne sont pas les parisiens. Très bon blog par ailleurs, merci je suis fan !