lundi 28 septembre 2009

# The Endless house of Frederick Kiesler

Last year, I was walking around and I stopped totaly randomly in front of The Drawing Center in SoHo. The ongoing show at this time (june 2008) was about the Endless house of the Austrian architect Friederick Kiesler. It's a reflection of the house as continuous surface.

“What are you my colleague architects and engineers doing? How do you use your super power given to you by the universe? Why do you remain routine draftsmen, cocktail sippers, coffee gulpers and making routine love? Wake up, there’s a new world to be created within our world.” (Frederick Kiesler).

check this out:

more: here and here .

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Ethel Baraona Pohl a dit…

Dear friends, just a week before we were passionate discovering Kiesler work and made this post about The Endless House, just to share some more images and info about it: