lundi 5 juillet 2010

# AT&T Long Lines Building by John Carl Warnecke

If you get the chance to walk in downtown Manhattan, you may catch a glimpse at a tall and opaque skyscraper. It is the AT&T Long Lines Building designed by John Carl Warnecke in 1974. Its program (housing the telephone switching equipment) and its cold war paranoia requirement (remaining operative even after a nuclear strike) makes it appear as a late constructivist building as an ode to war.

3 commentaires:

Awaking Lucid a dit…

this is my favorite building in manhattan, i always read it as futurist though. (i didn't have any information or background on the building!)

i can't imagine it's still used for those functions anymore. would love to see a section of it. i'm glad other people are willing to recognize it, so ripe for an intervention

MARKSOR a dit…

I'm lovin'it

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