vendredi 7 novembre 2008

# CITA / Mette Thomsen

Mette Thomsen gave a brilliant lecture, yesterday in the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture. She is the head of a research branch of Copenhagen Royal Academy of Fine Arts called CITA (Centre for Information Technology and Architecture) which divides its works as following:

Behaving Architectures

Behaving Architectures explores the use of programmable smart materials and interactive textiles for the built environment. Investigating a reactive architecture, as a live organism that acts and reacts on its inhabitation the aim is to investigate the behavioural as well as tectonic qualities of these materials.

Digital formations
Digital Formations explores the possible relationships between digital visualisation and its physical correlates understood through rapid prototyping technologies such as CADCAM, 3D printing and laser cutters.

Interface Ecologies

Interface Ecologies explores the experience of presence in hybrid spaces that join digital and physical dimensions focusing on interface design, dynamic interactive environments, intelligent programming paradigms.

Mette Thomsen is a visiting professor in ESA, this semester and I will try to publish her students' work when it will be possible.

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