jeudi 26 mars 2009

# CRAZY MUMBAI /// Dabawalla

Dabawalla represents a urban dimension which does not really exist in western cities. Imagine that every day, your lunch is delivered to your office at the right time by fedex or ups ! That is basically what is happening in Mumbai thanks to Dabawalla. First, you obviously have to subscribe to a list to belong to this network. Then, every day, in the suburbs somebody of your family cook a wonderful lunch for you, puts it in a daba (hermetic cans) and brings it to the closest walla (carrier) who then take the train arriving at 11.30am to the Churchgate station in the centre of Mumbai. After that, walla(s) gather all the daba(s) to be as organised as they possibly can (and believe me they are !) to finally hit the road and deliver the lunch to you with a very systematic precision. Such a phenomena (we are talking about thousand of daba(s)) has urban consequences and provide a chain of food which, I believe does not exist anywhere else at this scale.

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