mercredi 23 septembre 2009

# BLDG BLOG's day in Storefront

This saturday (september 26th) will be held a very cool architecture day in the Storefront for Art and Architecture celebrating BLDG BLOG book. For people who still don't know Geoff Manaugh, here is his iconeye manifesto.

Here is the schedule
3:00pm: Karen Van Lengen

3:30pm: Jace Clayton (live interview)

4:00pm: Richard Mosse
Interview with BLDGBLOG

4:30pm: Mason White
InfraNet Lab

5:00pm: Patrick McGrath (live interview)
Interview with BLDGBLOG

5:30pm: Lebbeus Woods
Interview with BLDGBLOG

6:00pm: Alan Rapp

6:05pm: Geoff Manaugh

6:30pm: Drinks

8:00pm: End

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