lundi 12 avril 2010

# Drawings and models by Yuri Avvakumov

Sepulchral Skyscraper (with M.Belov) 1983

Yuri Avvakumov's drawings and models are wonderful in both their creativity and their very strong expression. During the last thirty years he developed a crude and fairly violent architectural language that both questions architecture's political and institutional role.
Avvakumov is part of what has been called the "paper architects" just like the amazing Brodsky & Utkin (see previous post)

Bridge Over the Wall (with J.Kuzin) 1987

Red Tower(with J.Kuzin & S.Podyomshchikov) 1988

Aerobridge 2001

Stair-ladder barricade 1989

Tribune for Sportsman-Parliamentarian 1991

Tribune for a Leninist 1988

Worker & Farmer International 1990