mardi 8 juin 2010

# Mr. Obama, if you don't do it for justice, do it for the money

As I wrote in a not-so-old article, although Barrack Obama has been expressed the wish to close Guantanamo at the very beginning of his presidential mandate, the camp is still operational and operative (with every violations of Human Rights it implies...).

Today the Washington Post publishes an article based on confidential information of the cost of the facilities. The total reach at least 500 millions dollars in order to renovate the Cuban base into the most high security prison in the Western World. This figure does not surprise so much I suppose, but what definitely do are the facilities built for the people working there:
- 7 300 000 $ for two baseball fields
- 188 000 $ for a welcome sign (yes !)
- 114 000 000 $ for the housing units
- 164 000 $ for a skate park
- 207 000 $ for a swimming pool
- 96 000 $ for a hockey rink
- 249 000$ for a (non used) volleyball field
- 296 000$ for a (never used) Go-kart track
- 773 000$ for a KFC-Taco Bell restaurant

I hate to say that because the issue with Guantanamo has nothing to do with the American Military Budget (about 700 billions dollars a year when the National Education Budget is only...70 billions dollars), however I think that every reason to shut down this outrageous land of exception is good to take...

Article in the Washington Post
Photograph gallery linked to the same article

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deconcrete a dit…

i loved the welcome board and the taco-bell! but they should have combined all facilities in one weird KFC-skate-pool park!