samedi 6 juin 2009

# Architecture of Energy by Lebbeus Woods

Read this very interesting article written by Lebbeus Woods on his blog about vectors of energy expressed by an architecture and its attempt of representing it by a project called System Wien.

“What exactly do the vectors represent?”

“They don’t represent anything. They are just themselves—embodied energy.”

“They contain energy?”

“Yes. Can’t you see it?”

“I see white lines on a black surface.”

“Tell me, what do you see when you look at that building? Bricks, windows, metal, glass?”


“That’s all?”


“Ah, then that’s the problem. You can’t see energy, just its effects.”


“The vectors contain the energy that it took to make them. It is a measurable amount of energy, but it has not yet been measured. It consists of physical energy, intellectual and emotional energy. Certainly we will be able to measure it by its effects, if and when there are any.”

“So, then, the vectors are a form of energy?”

“Yes, that is what they are.”

“Well, there’s nothing new there. Any drawing, any word or act has the potential to have an effect. All you’re doing is seeing it differently.”


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