samedi 20 juin 2009

# What is resistance in architecture ?

For a while I'm being obsessed by this question, what is resistance in architecture. Architecture is both a representation and an expression of a power. Reading Eyal Weizman, you even understand that architecture can be (and may always be) a weapon from the governing power. How could this static entity be part of resistance. Can we even talk about a resisting architecture or is it an oxymoron ? Does an architecture loses its power of resisting as soon as it is getting built ?
All those questions are occupying my mind currently... If anybody wants to react or to share some references, I think it could be interesting.

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MARKSOR a dit…


Léopold Lambert a dit…

Indications de Cynthia Fleury, philosophe:

Thoreau sur la désobéissance civile
La Boétie sur la servitude volontaire
Desanti, la pensée captive
Autocritique de Morin contre la tutelle communiste
Vernant, Cavaillès, sur l’engagement des philosophes
Rawls, théorie de la justice
Gandhi bien sûr
Martin Luther King, théologie de la résistance

Romaric VK a dit…

Association libre :

Une chambre à soi, Virginia Woolf;
Jeu et réalité, D.W. Winnicott;
L'Invention de Morel, Adolfo Bioy Casares;
The Geopolitical Aesthetic, Fredric Jameson;
Comment vivre ensemble. Cours et séminaires au Collège de France & Sade Fourier Loyola, Roland Barthes;

A plus.

Léopold Lambert a dit…

Merci Romaric ! Galaade est plus que bienvenue sur boiteaoutils !

Léopold Lambert a dit…

Books on Subtopia:
* Indefensible Space: Micheal Sorkin
* Hollow Land: Eyal Weizman
* Violent Geographies: Gregory & Pred
* The Colonial Present: Derek Gregory
* City of Collision: Misselwitz & Rieniets
* Cities Under Siege: Steve Graham
* Space and Power: Paul Hirst
* Splintering Urbanism: Steve Graham
* Military Fortifications: Dale E. Floyd
* Buda's Wagon: Mike Davis
* City of Panic: Paul Virilio
* Shadow Cities: Robert Neuwirth
* City of Quartz: Mike Davis
* Design Like You Give a Damn: Sinclair & Stohr
* Planet of Slums: Mike Davis
* The Destruction of Memory: Bevan
* Bunker Archaeology: Virilio &
* War and Architecture: Lebbeus Woods
* Against the Wall: Michael Sorkin
* Cities, War, and Terrorism: Steve Graham
* Fortress America: Matthew Brzezinski
* Fear & Space
* Corporate Warriors: P. W. Singer
* The Making of the Mexican Border
* Barrio Urbanism: David R. Diaz
* Quonset Hut: Metal Living For The Modern Age
* Urban Forms and Colonial Confrontations: Algiers Under French Rule: Zeynep Çelik
* Weapons Grade: David Hambling
* The Next Jerusalem: Michael Sorkin
* Urban informality: Roy & Alsayyad
* Land, Rights and Innovation: Mutter & Payne
* Informal City: Caracas Case: Brillembourg, Feireiss & Klumpner
* Survival City: Tom Vanderbilt
* Post-Military Society: Martin Shaw
* Proving Grounds: Scott Kirsch
* Illicit: How Smugglers, Traffickers, and Copycats are Hijacking the Global Economy
* Studio at Large: Bell, Palleroni & Merkelbach
* Domesticity at War: Beatriz Colomina
* Contested Lands: Sumantra Bose