jeudi 8 octobre 2009

# Paranoid security as the new paradigm

In our section "How the hell did we arrive here ?", this is another good example. An English company, Internet Eyes, proposes to its clients to open the access of their CCTV system in order to anybody on the internet. People noticing suspect activities are being rewarded.
The text on the official site is written as everybody was not seeing any problem in the systematic denunciation:

Earn reward money
Have a chance at reducing crime
Potentially become a hero and save live
Simply sign up for FREE, watch and report crime

and then to ask:
How does a reward of £1000 a month sound?

So now, denunciation can become a wage ! What if somebody can not find anything suspect for one month and he needs his reward of 1000 pounds ? Dystopia has definitely catched up with us...I mean can you even believe those sentences are real ?
Let's keep on exploring the first page of this website. It is interesting to see the discrepancy of speech between what is addressed to "normal people" and what is to companies.
"Normal people" are being proposed to save lives (yes !) whereas in the companies section you find this:

Increased crime detection
Greater deterrent
Reduction in stock loss

There we go ! Paranoid security has been directly invented by the system to constitute the easiest way to control people/electors for politics and to avoid any blow for the economic system in its unbridled race to create capital.
I hate doing what I call eracentrism but I feel we should be very alerted and active in this period which is drifting us slowly but surely in a new form of totalitarianism which does not need any gulag because it succeed to superimpose this dimension on territory we are experiencing...