lundi 12 octobre 2009

# "We shall destroy your morbid world !"

This picture was taken after Saturday's action in Poitiers (a town in west of France) by an anti-incarceration collective's minority which destroyed several urban furniture and storefronts in a very organized way. Newspapers are sufficiently speaking about the damages without looking for the message for me not to do the same way...I am actually more interested by the message left by graffiti which differs from usual ones: "Nous detruirons votre monde morbide ! "(We shall destroy your morbid world !). Introduced like an inexorable prophecy, this sentence gives an unusual attribute to the world, morbid. The message is an obvious invitation to be part of the "you" it is addressed on or the "we" it is addressed by. The two other graffiti are completing the messages with "game over" and "guerre sociale" (social war). That is quite a shame that French newspapers did not take this issue seriously and prefer to talk once more about repression and the arrival of one more President's men on the field (Brice Hortefeux, the internal affairs minister). I am not even talking about French politicians who decided a long time ago that some topics should not be tackled...

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Jérémie Lopez a dit…

Yeah, the news paper have obviously talk about "some dangerous minority" who "make the terror and destruction in the street".
It's obviously logic.
What do they can tell about ?

But one thing we can note here, is the fabulous architecture of the volume which support the tag.