jeudi 17 décembre 2009

# boiteaoutils forbidden in China

It was brought to my attention that boiteaoutils was now forbidden in China. It gives me thus a new occasion of claiming that the only fight which should be led from the outside world towards China is the freedom of press. Whenever the flow of information will be freed and that people would be able to know what is going on all over the country (demonstrations, police corruption, partial death penalties, protesters arrests), then they'll be free to decide whether they want a revolution or not. In fact, the CCP succeeds to allow a comfortable life for a very important amount of people, therefore it is not obvious that such a revolution would happen. However this choice is only up to Chinese people and Western world, despite the huge importance of economical aspect (for example China owns an incredible amount of US treasury bonds which makes the two economies deeply related), should not interfere with this democratic process.
The only thing we can do is therefore to fight against the institutionnal information control which keeps Chinese people in a total ignorance of the world beyond their circle of life and allows unique propaganda from the CCP.

Here is a link towards a former post
about resistance to Chinese Internet Censorship also called the Great Firewall of China.

You can also visit Reporters without borders' website which is at the head of this resistance.

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edmac78 a dit…

congratulations on being banned!

slim a dit…

quelle vision des réalités politiques d'un pays comme la Chine suis hébété !..

Léopold Lambert a dit…

pardon ?

Unknown a dit…

je crois que cela constitue malheureusement une version assez peu réaliste des choses Chine n'est pas l'Iran sur lequel souffle effectivement un vent de contestation "révolutionnaire".. mais je resterais pour ma part très inquiet quand à l'émergence de la Chine et l'avènement de la nouvelle middle class chinoise..
si il faut avoir un système médiatique libre pour mettre en place une révolution, je crois que nous pouvons attendre, (si c'est bien ce que nous attendons..)
Il n'y a qu'à jeter un coup d'œil sur les systèmes médiatiques occidentaux et notamment français pour se rendre compte des transformations politiques et sociales liées au mass-media..
sur le moment j'avais trouvé ça très romantique, voilà tout..

"Le pouvoir tend à corrompre, et le pouvoir absolu corrompt absolument."
Historical Essays and Studies
Citations de John Emerich Dalberg, lord Acton

et bonne année 2kilos10 !!