mercredi 3 juin 2009

# Organizing media resistance in China / Picidae

Since yesterday, Great Firewall of China is blocking new 2.0 websites, Twitter, hotmail, wordpress and flickr. Tomorrow is the twentieth anniversary of Tiananmen revolt by Beijing students and Chinese authorities still want to delete this event from History. (see BBC article)

In front of the biggest state machine of the world what can we do ?
One answer to this question is provided by picidae (woodpecker in latin in reference of Berlin's wall Mauersprechte) which organize a system of worldwide miror connections to websites which avoids a control of Chinese censorship. You can join Picidae by allowing it to use your computer as a relay; see here.
Media freedom is in my opinion the fight priority in China and that is probably the battle field which recquires the most energy. If you are interested you can visite Reporters without borders website.

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