samedi 6 décembre 2008

# RIBA's President's Medals / The Brewer's anatomy by Fredrik Haukeland

Another winner of the President's medals is our good friend, Fredrik Haukeland from the Oslo school of architecture. His project, The Brewer's anatomy got attention even in UK !! One more time, congratulation to him.

“The Brewer’s Anatomy” is situated next to a Ship Yard, by River Clyde. It’s a brewery containing all the elements of beer making; a garden for growing hops and barley, an oat and malting house, a brewery, administrative and technical spaces and, of course, a bar for consumption of beer.
The project has developed around the person of the brewer. The spaces adapt to his body shape at the same time as the brewer adapts to the brewery. The vessels, pipes and tubes are organized in a functional way as well as revealing their potential as space creators.