mercredi 31 décembre 2008

# Tara is in Paris

Sailboat Tara is in Paris (on the Petit Palais' bank) until january 11st. This boat has been doing a lot of expedition around the world (for example in 2005, French artist Pierre Huyghe and some friends of his went to Antartica doing some research) and now exhibit its last journey in Artica.

Tara was built in 1989 after having beeing designed by Luc Bouvet et Olivier Petit, architects for Jean-Louis Etienne, a client passionnate in Antartica. Principle was to create a solid boat able to slip - with rudders and fins obviouly removed - on icefield in order to stay on it just in the same way that norvegian navigator Fridtjof Nansen did with his boat, Fram in the XIXth century.

This last exhibition last one year and half between 2006 and 2008 and consisted in a drift on the north pole's ice field while scientific research were achieved.

More informations, pictures and videos on Tara's official website

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