mardi 11 août 2009

# Escape from Chino

Most of you probably remember John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. (following fifteen years after the even more memorable Escape from New York) which dramatizes the city of L.A. transformed into a enormous prison where prisoners have to struggle to survive in an anarchist environment.
Last saturday riots in Californian Prison of Chino is likely to make us recall this scenario. California hosts 150 000 prisonners in only 30 prisons and detainees sometimes have to cope with the fact that there is no cell for them. Those have to live all together in gymnasiums which could be considered as micro-societies. This phenomena would have been interesting to be studied by Michel Foucault, following his essay Discipline and Punish (see former post here) as it may be a new form of emprisonment (similar to gladiators conditions during Roman Empire).

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