dimanche 28 novembre 2010

# St. Stephen's Cathedral, Bio-Structural Architecture by Liu Chien Sheng

In my last article about Alistair William's Monastery of Irrigation, I was referring among others, to Hernan Diaz Alonso's students' cathedral project in Angewandte (Vienna) so I thought that it would be interesting to publish one of them.
St. Stephen's Cathedral is a project designed by Liu Chien Sheng and demonstrates of a very rich work. Beyond the usual architectural vocabulary used by Diaz Alonso's studios, lies the real richness of space created by this student.
My regular readers might be surprised that I value this "suckerpunchy" project since I believe that a new architecture should be achieved by more than the simple revolution of its vocabulary. However, this project demonstrating a tremendous amount of work and rigorousness, I cannot help to veritably respect it, just like I respect and appreciate Mr. Diaz Alonso's sharpness and precision of discourse that he brings whenever he is invited to talk about architecture (for instance, recently invited at Pratt Institute's symposium Architecture and Beauty organized around Yael Reisner's new book)

St. Stepnen's Cathedral, Bio-Structural Architecture from Liu Chien Sheng on Vimeo.

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jeremymm a dit…

agreed, this one seemed to me to finally move this discourse into a more architecturally rich territory...almost in spite of its 'language'...but just barely...

safe meds a dit…

The form of architecture comes from the reserved altar structure of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. After defining the principle of the transformation, the basic column structure was reformed into various types and generates the spaces in different parts of columns to accomplish the catalogs of typologies

Dina a dit…

I haven't seen anything like this before. This is really awesome works, I am not into architecture but I guess this is simply AMAZING..

Dina from robe de soirée rouge