lundi 21 juillet 2008

# Flooded London 2090, a tranquil Utopia

Flooded London 2090 is an exhibition created by the graffic design office Squint/Opera in Medcaft Gallery (London) and dramatises the old Tyler Durden's (Fight Club) dream to sea a city as London re-colonized by nature. We are now in 2090 and London has been gain on the sea level several years ago, and urban life has been re-organised peacefuly as a tranquil Utopia. Some women are fishing in an abandonned Canary Wharf building, a man is diving from St Paul's dome...everything is simple and silent.
So who is still afraid from the future ?

Of course it remains me of something in the past; Paris beeing flooded in 1910 (see an older post) and Boulevard Haussmann becoming Venice's Grand Canal.

It also remains me of Michael Anderson's Logan's run (1976) when Logan 5 and Jessica 6 discover Washington back to nature and Capitole's dome invaded by ivy !

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