samedi 19 juillet 2008

# Plasma Studio's Ecker Haus

Found this great house extension in San Candido (Italy)! Here is the official project description:

Esker Haus (esker=stratified geological formation) is a self-contained residential unit placed on top of an existing house from the 1960s.The project has been developed as a parasite which started from adopting the structure of the host and gradually differentiated into its own unique organization and morphology. The project is formed by a series of steel and timber frames that deform to recreate the smooth hillsides of the surrounding dolomites. This partly accessible roofscape also determines the spatial character inside- the spaces are enfolded by an angular and dynamic series of planes creating new and ever-changing perspectives and spatial constellations.

Plasma Studio is a london office lead by Eva Castro Iraola and Holger Kehne, who each used to be teachers in the Architectural Association.
Here is the official Plasma Studio's website where there is still many very interesting projects.

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