vendredi 5 décembre 2008

# RIBA's President's Medals winners 2008 / Invisible University Library by Wynne Leung

The 2008 Royal Institute of British Architects' awards has been announced and here is one of them: the Invisible University Library by Wynne Leung from the University of Greenwich (London)

Our 'mutoscopes' are spaces which make invisible processes visible. We've established a logistical communication network between the city and countryside by displacing urban voids such as traffic islands, street furniture and hedgerows into the grounds of Hay Castle and Hay town. Streetlamps are enlarged to accomodate writers, whose invisible activities become visible signals in the nocturnal ambience.

Literary London decamps to Hay on Wye for the festival: flaneurs, voyeurs and agitators of the production process of writing. Ruins are the setting for recital, storytelling, lecturing, preaching, listening, whispering and eavesdropping; while pigeonfanciers dispense messages about future events. It is a soundscape where nature and artifice are intertwined. Once the books are converted to audio format, they are shredded, pulped and recycled to provide new paper for emerging writers. Writers, readers and audience occupy an illuminating space in the ruins of history; confounded by the ever expanding accumulation of technologies.

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we need to present mre in detail fredrick's project wich arrived at the second step of the podium on the RIBA stuff!

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This is really nice idea.