mercredi 17 décembre 2008

# SMALL /// Tobias PUTRIH

Here you will see the work of a young Slovenian born artist Tobias PUTRIH, that was exhibited at the FIAC 08 (Paris,FR), his work is situated between sculpture and architecture, what I like the most is the small geodesic structure he builds who look very fragile and hardly standing up.
Hes's also working a lot with the world of cinema , he had just built an amazing projection room, the "cinéma attitudes"in september 2008 for his last exibition at the Attitudes gallery (Genève,CH).

More about this exhibition here

2 commentaires:

nico^p a dit…

top cool tout ca!
si tu en as encore en stock...
>> balance les steaks!
et bonne "nuit spéciale"! (en espérant un article dessus!)

MARKSOR a dit…

a voir pour l'article... j'avais pas pris mon appareil photo!