mardi 16 décembre 2008

# SMALL /// Usman Haque's Configurable T-shirt

Before a longuest article about Usman Haque's work very soon, here is one of his little creations: the Configurable T-shirt.

This is a t-shirt for which the wearer designs what goes on the front, a further experiment in how to design low-tech systems that are open enough to allow for other people's designs yet specific enough to provide an intriguing starting point. It's often difficult to design on a completely blank canvas, so this t-shirt provides a matrix of pixels that can be coloured in with a black felt-tip pen in order to turn them "off".
The t-shirt is printed with rubber foam ink so that the black pen ink soaks in really well. As the t-shirt fabric colour is already black it doesn't matter if people go out of the lines or if the pen is too fat: it won't show up. As long as an entire pixel is coloured-in, it will look neat and tidy, just like a professionally designed and printed t-shirt.

see official page

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