mercredi 14 janvier 2009

# Eyal Weizman's books

Currently, more than ever, architects should take time to read Eyal Weizman, as a complement of what we are observing everyday in mass media about Gaza's conflict. News has a rythm, research has an other one. What is currently happening in Israel/Palestine is crucial and depending on the country we are living in, we are not informed in the same way.
Let's recall that Eyal Weizman is a isreali architect based in Tel Aviv and London, and for several years now, he has been studying how architecture was used as a weapon by Isreali governement and army against Palestinians.
A civilian occupation: The politics of Israeli architecture, I already wrote about in a past post, tackles the problem of Israeli settlements in the West bank as a sneaky civil then military expansion of the Israeli territory.
Hollow Land updates this same issue, and you can find in it this incredible article called Walking through walls (it was pubished in French as A travers les murs. L'architecture de la nouvelle guerre urbaine) I also already posted in the past.
I did not read Chicago and Weizman is not exactly its author (it's actually a photographic book by Adam Broomberg & Olivier Chanarin) but he participated to its redaction. This book observe this fake Arab village, Israeli and American soldiers built to train themselves for Middle East conflicts.
I hope that anybody would understand this is not some crapy propaganda, I'm trying to make, but an emphasis on real precise issues which needs to be solved for an aggreement of peace between two legimitate states.

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Eazye a dit…

ça fait plaisir tomber par hazard sur un post comme ça, mes compliments.

J'ai connu Eyal il y a bientot 10 ans quand on travaillé dans le meme cabinet à Berlin, c'etait juste avant la seconde Intifada, je garde encore les souvenirs des nuits passé à parler de tout et de rien.


Les massacres de Gaza permettent de remettre au goût du jour ces excellents bouquins qui montrent que se dessine en Israël un nouvel apartheid.

C'est juste terrifiant !!!

Voir mes posts là dessus sur le blog de Transit-City :

Anonyme a dit…

On peut lire l'article "Passer à travers les murs" en ligne et dans son intégralité depuis le site de la revue Multitudes, par ailleurs excellente, qui je pense a publié le texte avant La Fabrique.

Sinon, une traduction complète avec les cartes d'origine d'un de ses textes majeurs:
Introduction à la Politique de la Verticalité
ici :

Léopold Lambert a dit…

Merci Transit-City alias François BELLANGER si j'ai bien compris. Je ne connaissais pas ce blog très riche. Je tâcherai d'en faire un post.

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