dimanche 11 janvier 2009

# SELF-CONSTRUCTION /// I.A.A.C. 2nd Advanced Architecture Contest

Last Issue of the I.A.A.C. Institue of (Advanced Architecture of Catalunya) architecture 2007-2008 competition was about "self fab sustainable housing", following you'll will see the 3 prizes that have been decerned to international students/architects.

Awarded projects:

1st Prize: F1C243
Ming Tang
Dihua Yang
This proposal uses a traditional local material, implementing geometry elements in a pertinent way creating structures able to transform and re-inform themselves . The jury values its landscape integration and the possibility of being constructed as prototype.

2nd Prize: 5923BC
Luis Aguirre Manso
The jury values the hybridisation of light construction systems that rise from the ground, and the
functional scheme surrounding the chimney, that follows principles of traditional architecture.

3rd Prize: C2BD4E
Shinya OKUDA
Kung Yick Ho Alvin
Lam Yan Yu Ian
The jury values the use of advanced technologies in the manipulation of biodegradable materials to create a system that can be assembled as a sustainable construction.

1st prize:

2nd prize:

you can see better picture of the second prize wich is for me the most interesting : here

3rd prize:

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