vendredi 9 janvier 2009

# SELF-CONSTRUCTION /// Straw as a building material

Following you will find few pictures of self constructed houses builded with straw, most of time those buildings got a very poor architecturale quality...

But I think this building technics wich is, about sustainibility, thermic and cost specially , one of the most interesting, and it's just at the beguinning of its reality as a real construction material, I hope that in the coming months/years we will see more experimetation with that material.

More over its really easy to find individuals sites following this kind of self construction initiatives.
By now the major probleme of that technic (straw bale+clay) is that needs a lot of handwork to apply the clay on the straw walls, so if your interested in building one in yourbackyard, you had better to have lot of enthousiastic friends or a big familly!

If you saw a cool straw building let us now we are interesting to publish it on Boiteàoutils !

this one have been designed by HOK ,(found on more here)