samedi 18 juillet 2009

# CHANDIGARH /// Corbu vs Nek Chand

Chandigarh is a huge machine to live where every scales have been included in the control of life of its inhabitants. This control may be philanthropic but its denial of impromptus events to happen makes it being more a machine to die (slowly). Actually this control have probably even escape from Corbu's hand since his great esplanade between Panjab and Haryanna's Assembly and Chandigarh's High Court is abandoned and cut in two parts by barbells and military check points.
However, within the city and closeby the Capitole complex, there is a little resisting territory to this control called the Rock Garden. Initiated by an hyperactive mad guy (my favorite artists !) called Nek Chand in 1957, this maze garden is built with a lot of recycled products casted into concrete which eventually creates Alice's wonderland or Oz Wizards's kingdom where thousand of trash statues are living.

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