vendredi 31 juillet 2009

# Man on wire / James Marsh meets Philippe Petit

I recently watched James Marsh's documentary called Man on wire about funambulist Philippe Petit and his team's success of crossing illegaly the two towers of the World Trade Centre on August 7th 1974. Their plan was as accurate as bank robbers and they eventually succeed to allow Petit walking 45 minutes in a 5cm wide world between the twin towers. The documentary shows as well his crossing of the two towers of Notre Dame de Paris and those from the Sydney bridge.
There are a lot of real shots either from the towers construction or from Petit's preparation and dance on wire. All those images are obviously even more charged with emotivity since september 11st has touched the western inconscience.
I already posted one small article a year and half ago here with some more pictures and it also reminds me of the two posts I did about Zarathoustra's tightrope's walker (here in French, here in English).

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