lundi 20 juillet 2009

# SEA /// Atlantikwall

Atlantikwall/ mur de l'Atlantique/ Atlantic wall was the german sea side protection from allied attack from 1941 to 1945.( more here )

Following I'll show you some of the amazing concrete bunkers/blochaus that have been built by the german Army to protect the coast from Norway to France.
Today most of this buildings are crumbling into parts, or sinking in the beach sand...
-I made a special SEA thematic selection with only sinking bunkers.

More here, here and here
The best book ever about those bunkers is famous Bunker archeology of Paul Virilio.

the map of the Atlantic wall

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Atlantic wall ww2 a dit…

Thanks for sharing this pics. Atlantikwall is also referred as the Atlantic wall in English. construction of the wall started in the year 1942. All history of Atlantikwall is in detail are here. best time to visit the city is May to mid-July and then September as well as October, in the month of december visit to the wall is closed. Here numerous tour guides are available who will not just show you the place but surely help you to get good quality food as well as comfortable accommodation.