samedi 14 novembre 2009


The DRL is a Master Program proposed by the Architectural Association (see former posts) "organised as an open-source design studio dedicated to a systematic exploration of new design tools, systems and discourses, targeted towards design innovations in architecture and urbanism".
The Program is directed by Yusuke Obuchi, Patrik Schumacher, Theodore Spyropoulos and Tom Verebes. The course master is Alissa Andrasek (see former post).
The AADRL website is very generous as far as the amount of information and project is concerned...

For those who understand French or who are able to hear the English voice behind this stupid overlapping French translation, you can watch the Pompidou Centre lecture of Theo Spyropoulos and Yusuke Obuchi for L'Enjeu Capital (post to be coming about this conference...)