jeudi 5 novembre 2009

# Walls of shame

En una linea el mundo se une
Con una linea el mundo se divide
Dibujar es hermoso y tremendo

Eduardo Chillida

I love this poem because of it express the responsibility we architects have regarding every single line that we are tracing on the paper. Each of those lines will have a territorial and social implication in the reality. The wall, is the most tremendous example of this power. A single line on the map (see a former post on the US/Mexico wall) constitutes a hyper violent physicality in the real world.
To celebrate the twentieth birthday of the Berlin wall's fall, the French newspaper Liberation is doing an inventory of the remaining walls of shame in the world.
Palestine, Korea, Chypre, Mexico, Morocco, Northern Ireland, and Padova are still confronted to this static immutable violence of a single line...

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