vendredi 13 novembre 2009

# Graphic novels' imaginary cities (II)

Following a reader's suggestion, here would be my European (French and Belgian) graphic novel list developing an interesting and beautiful vision of the city. (You can obviously add Moebius who was already in yesterday list). For people not knowing Marc-Antoine Mathieu I definitely recommend to read his graphic novels which create an incredibly brilliant Kafkaian atmosphere.
Here is the list:

- Marc Antoine Mathieu: Memoire morte (Delcourt 2004)
- Enki Bilal: Le Monstre: 32 Decembre (Casterman 2006)
- Jean-Claude Mézières: Mon cinquieme element (Dargaux 1998)
- Nesmo & Morvan: Ronces: Racines electriques (Les Humanoides associes 2005)
- Francois Schuiten & Benoit Peeters: Les Cites obscures: La fievre d'Urbicande (Casterman 1993)

3 commentaires:

martin a dit…

are these translated into english? where can i get my hands on one?

Léopold Lambert a dit…

Marc-Antoine Matthieu, Enki Bilal and Schuiten & Peeters have been translated and are on

instantaweb a dit…

news about graphic novels and the city: Luc Schuiten in Lyon and Benoît Peeters in Paris