lundi 15 juin 2009

# Answer from Archdaily to the previous article

Answer from David Basulto, webmaster of Archdaily to the previous article called Broadcasting Architecture

>Dear Leopold,
>This is not the first time that people addresses the "editorial
>line"t. First, I think that traditional publications and editorial
>linnes are no longer valid when it comes to cover a broader aspect of the
>lprofession. I even step aside from people too focused on that, who end
>upr looking so inside of their head looking to fit everything under one
>rurle, resulting in a disconnection from what is really happening.
>Regular publications often left outside a tremendous amount of work that
>ies being produced around the world. We feel that it should be put on the
>itable to shows the community what is being done. I rather feature a work
>ithat some might say that is "a plain box, more of the same"
>buialt in Iran (a totally different context that in Europe or the US) and
>bget criticized for featuring it along some project by established
> architiecture practices, than not doing it.
>And actually, that became our editorial line. Plataforma Arquitectura,
>the site that we started before ArchDaily, has a very active role on how
>tthe profession is being developed in Latin America, becoming a valid
>voic e on the recurring debates. This line has been replicated in
>ArchDailny through our interviews. I wonder if you have seen them, as
>theyD clearly have one line (the role of the architect on contemporary
>Also, keep in mind that this ranking is sorted by traffic (visitors) and
> lhas nothing to with influence (altho it becomes related with traffic at
> some point).
>I´m glad to see that ArchDaily operative becomes questionable, as this is
>Isomething we wouldn´t question ourselves. And I´m glad you share your
>quemstion with the rest of the world through your blog.
>best regards,
>David Basulto
>Plataforma Arquitectura

4 commentaires:

Dioniso a dit…

I think Archdaily is a very interesting site because it is a good way to view several different projects around the world without any kind of strong analysis/ comment. You must select and filter the information and, in truth, it can be a very pedagogical reaction of nowadays image based society.

But I agree with you, it doesn’t have a clear concept. It’s ambiguous and I don’t think that it is a true alternative to the “traditional publications and editorial lines” because it doesn't compromisse with anything. It seems a passive channel to give voice to someone's project.

Finally, I think your blog is very significant to discuss today’s architecture and life. It’s really important to give a wide range of different approaches and disciplines to understand and criticize our society and not just to stay within architecture.

Kevin C a dit…

Most buildings in this world are built without the help of architects, and of those built by architects, only a few of those actually get published or talked about along "editorial lines." On top of that, most editorials aren't critical at all, as it's bewildering to be a critic these days. From which angle should one critique somethings?
My favorite part about your blog is that you don't do many posts about finished buildings that are really clean or polished. In contrast, most of what we see on Archdaily is more polished, like a list of things the editorials might have just barely missed.
I like browsing through Archdaily as well, but I'd rather look over and think about photos of underbelly Mumbai constructs than over most of the glossy stuff at Archdaily, as it just seems a lot more interesting to me.
But to each their own... Archdaily is a really great aggregator, and like Dioniso expressed, it's a great way to give underserved designs a "voice."
But there does seem to be a real dearth of architecture critics anymore. It's all more disposable, like you see an architecture image, then discard it and wait for another one the next day, without really thinking through whether it's "good" or not, or even thinking about what qualifies as "good." It's like the quality of a design, or even if it's realized, isn't really that important anymore. All that matters is the image.

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