dimanche 20 décembre 2009

# HETEROTOPIAS IN CINEMA /// どですかでん (Dodes'ka-den) by Akira Kurosawa

Dodes'ka-den is the first color movie by Akira Kurosawa. It is set in a Japanese slum and explores several more or less dramatic episodes of its inhabitants' life. The film's name comes from the onomatopoeia produced by a quite peculiar character who cross the slum thinking he is actually driving a tram, nostalgia of a modernity which produced the even existence of this shanty town which lives in a quasi-total ignorance of the external world since then.

2 commentaires:

Mutchix a dit…

Dodes'ka-den is the sound of the locomotive in japanese ( not exactly sure, but ... ), our french "tchou-tchou" if you prefer! interesting movie by the way and coucou de l'ESA!

Léopold Lambert a dit…

ah ah I was sure this one was going to make you react !
Dodes'ka-den is definitely an onomatopoeia for expressing the train. Although I am not sure it is really an official one...
Anyway coucou from the middle of Virginia ! (half of road trip)