vendredi 18 décembre 2009

# US Drones' video transmission being hacked by Iraqi insurgents

New war technologies implies some new way of resisting it. US Department of Defense revealed this week that the video transmission of the attack drones operating in Iraq have been hacked by Iraqi insurgents who were thus able to see what the pilot (comfortably sat somewhere 20000 km away) was seeing.
Those news are encouraging by picturing possible faults in this des-humanized weapon which could quite likely become an internal weapon for a "state of exception". Imagine a western country with a lot of riots like Greece or France and a state of emergency declared authorizing drones to operate in the risky zones. If it sounds too much sci-fi for you, you may want to read this former post about a drone in Paris suburbs' sky in 2006...

Read the New York Times article
Read Le Monde article

ps: apparently we had the same idea of topic with Francois Bellanger, therefore for French readers, you can go further by reading his article on Transit-City.

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