vendredi 2 juillet 2010

# Exit Through the Gift Shop by Banksy

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a new movie created by Banksy. The film is pretty much divided into two parts that successively introduces a beautiful homage to street art (perhaps in opposition of what used to be created as graffiti) and then presents a kind of real experiment of the volatility and gregarious behavior of Art as an institution and a business.
I don't want to say too much because the agility of this movie is to bring you smoothly from the first part to the second one with interest and humor.

This film is also extremely interesting for seeing some Banksy's works that are less communicated than others because of their difficulty to be sold as images by medias. For example, this risky assignment of introducing a Guantanamo prisoner doll at Disneyland. The work is botched and not as "sexy" as the paintings everybody knows; however the observation of Disneyland's magic stopping to let room to a very severe security paranoia is delectable.

Unfortunately the film seems to be only released in the US so far...

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