jeudi 14 mai 2009

# Alain Badiou on the radio

French philosopher Alain Badiou was invited on radio program "Les matins de France Culture" yesterday morning to talk about his new book L'hypothese communiste which will be probably be translated soon...
You can still listen to this 2h long program by downloading it here during one more week.

"Communist as an idea, not as a program."

"During an intermediary period which would probably be temporary, for research and experimentation, the political organization question should be separated from the power question."

"What could be a political process which horizon is an idea and which does not include as immediate stake to take away the power ?"

2 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

'speed is the mask of inconsistency'...this is also one quote which i came accross in one of his texts. he establishes his argument how todays world is marked by speed and not by leisure....and if one really want to revolt...he has to take path of leisure and not of speed philosophy should take a path of 'think slow'..

thaddiez a dit…

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