lundi 18 mai 2009

# House of Laminar Torrents by Jintana Tantinirundr & Belle Tang

Here is a project I wanted to publish for a long time, House of Laminar Torrents is a project designed by Jintana Tantinirundr and Belle Tang for Richard Sarrac's Pratt Institute studio which was tryingto investigate how to optimize the introduction of natural light by the mean of standard manufactured VELUX products.

Here is Jintana and Belle's presentation text:
A dialogue between a system of shifting angles to generate a filtration surface that begins to suggest the collection of water. The gradual shifting of the skylights starts to propose an outline of continuous flow through the surface and allows for an intake of different intensities of sunlight and ventilation.There are several different types of flow; turbulent, vortex, laminar and viscous, that are illustrated within the subway map. Text boxes shown at selected subway stations explain the specific concept and feature of the architecture at the site. For an example, in the 40 Bond St building, one of its main features is the structural elements wrapped in cast glass, allowing light to illuminate and vary constantly depending on the time of day. In light of this perception, we decided to use wall panels that peel away, forming pocket spaces within the panels which allows light to be filter into the spaces. As it peels away, it begins form a curve that directs circulation into those spaces. The curves are done intentionally as a way of directing circulation into the program. The spaces are connected to allow for a smooth transition of flow and, more important, education.

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