samedi 23 mai 2009

# Tagore Chair by Shamir Panchal and Ray Wang

This musical chair has been designed by two students from Waterloo University in Toronto, Shamir Panchal and Ray Wang:

The works of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), the Bengali poet, novelist, and composer, have traveled far beyond the boundaries of the subcontinent and have become a spiritual guide to those who have experienced it. Tagore composed numerous poems and songs steeped in a constant personal and national struggle.

The Tagore Chair, dedicated to this mystic and visionary man, is a seat of sublime action, a platform of energy and music upon which knowledge and understanding rest, but only momentarily until they are uttered to the world. The chair is a place for Tagore to work both spiritually and physically. A system of pistons, springs, and guitar strings turn a seemingly static piece into a dynamic instrument sensitive to the movement body. Although strange and unbalanced at first, the chair and user achieve a state of equilibrium, creating a space of harmony and silence in which to explore the innermost worlds. It is the seat of the deepest emotions and creative powers, where musical perfection abounds, where the beauties of language persist, and where the visions of the mind take form.

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nico^p a dit…

Bon, on ne sait pas vraiment comment marche leur système de piston ...
mais merci léo de nous avoir trouvé ça (ça m'intéresse pas mal!)