dimanche 29 novembre 2009

# Installations of Anthony Gormley

Here is the pretty impressive installations of Anthony Gormley (I discover his work at the kunsthall in Rotterdam in January). Gormley's work is about human body in space, compare to his other sculptures more traditional in a way, those installations create an interesting relation between the human body volume at a big scale and the visitor/observer size and body. More over the quality of the fabrication of those art piece is really amazing. We have to notice that Gormley is one of the few artists using last technologies to push there art to another level of complexity and meaning (like the french artist Xavier Veilhan) for example his collaboration with ARUP for several projects (see this former post).

More here

Much more on Gormley's website : here

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Unknown a dit…


Merci pour l'intérêt porté a mon article sur Pixiome !

(Pouvez-vous télécharger les images au lieu de faire des liens vers mon article svp? merci.)


Thank you for your interest in my article on Pixiome!

(Can you download the images instead of links to my article please? Thank you.)

MARKSOR a dit…

Pas de soucis, je ne pensai pas que cela poserai un problème...

Unknown a dit…

Merci beaucoup ;)

Juste une histoire de bande passante...

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