jeudi 4 février 2010

# Death or Glory / Vanités at Maillol museum, Paris.

An exhibition about the theme of death and the notion of vanity in art is taking place at the musée Maillol in Paris from the 3rd February to the 28th of June. This show present an incredible selection of art pieces representing skulls and the idea of death by various artist as great as Caravage, Cézanne or Jan Fabre. We all noticed this fashion of skulls everywhere that seems to appear recently, so far, this exhibition remind me an another one that take place exactly ten years ago (January 2000) and took place at the Musée national des arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie(wich is today called Musée du Quay Branly), the title was "Dieu n'en saura rien". This last exhibition was composed by relics from Oceania and Europe it was dealing with the reaction of mankind in front of death and the rituals around, the Maillol museum exhibition is presenting art pieces instead of relics, art instead of religion. We have to admit that art as always been pretty much dedicated to small public, so is our way to wear skull T-shirt,skull rings or ear rings, skull socks and many more that is our contemporary reaction in front of death ...
Following you will see few pictures of this early selection of the 2000 exhibition and in a second part few pictures from the maillol museum ones .

Enjoy or die!

at Maillol :

here : the great catolog of la "mort n'en saura rien" by Yves le Fur

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Mutchix a dit…

C'est trop dommage que la scénographie soit honteuse, trop de pièces, aucun recul, très mauvais éclairage, à ce prix là je préfère presque regarder des photos! ( et pourtant j'aime bien les crânes ...)