mercredi 10 février 2010

# “synapses speeches” / Paris, 16th february

picture R&Sie(n) / Matthieu Kavyrchine

Following the current exhibition, An architecture "des humeurs" in Le Laboratoire in Paris (see previous post) by R&Sie(n), Francois Roche has gathered a bunch of very interesting people in order to organize a short conference on "Computation, Robotic, Neurobiology, Philosophy... and incidentally architecture".
One would observe the presence of Toni Negri who would talk about his Multitudes (see previous post) that allows a broad panel of ages - and therefore of background - from 76 years old to 25 years old which I think it is admirable.

“synapses speeches”

Organised by / Le Laboratoire / François Roche /

with Mark Burry, François Jouve, Rupert Soar, Antonio Negri, Judith Revel, Behrokh Khoshnevis, Jean-Didier Vincent, Jeanette Zwingenberger, Chris Younes, Stephan Henrich, Winston Hampel, Natanel Elfassy, François Roche / Moderator / Giovanni Corbellini

Location /École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais, 14 rue Bonaparte 75006 PARIS / 16th February / 13h-19h / Location /Amphi 2 des loges


13:30 / Preambule / Introduction …. F Roche


-Natanel Elfassi / “Stuttering protocols”

-Winston Hampel / “Monkey bridges”

14:00 / Animalism-Animism

-Rupert Soar / “How nature integrates processes, its implications for functional structure generation”

-Jeanette Zwingenberger / “le corps acéphal _ acephalous body”

-Jean-Didier Vincent / “biology of emotions”

Moderator Giovanni Corbellini

15:15 / Machinism-Uncertainties

-Behrokh Khoshnevis / “Adaptive automated construction”

-Mark Burry / “Bone from stone“

-Stephan Henrich / “operatives machinism”

Moderator Giovanni Corbellini

16.30 / Multitudes-Narratives protocoles

-Toni Negri et Judith Revel / “Multitudes”

-Chris Younes / “Coryrhmics”

-Francois Jouve / “Mathematics & emergence of the unknown“

-Francois Roche / “Speculatives narrations“

Moderator Giovanni Corbellini

18:00-19:00 Last roundtable with everybody….

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