samedi 10 avril 2010

# City of the Future by Cedric Price

the addition of continuous mobility to industrial plants previously considered static

City of the Future is a series of drawings Cedric Price accomplished in 1965 as a summary of the vision of architecture he has been developing with earlier projects like the Fun Palace in 1961. This city is both technophiles and hyper-infrastructural as an architectural manifesto for the 60's and Price followers (Archigram, Japanese metabolists, Yona Friedman, Paul Maymont etc.)

the ability to be aware from both above and below, of the mass of support, shelter and concealment that the city offers

An increasing discontinuity of artificial services as the whole becomes more responsive to both the user and natural conditioning
the height- airspace
and the depth- subterranean and submarine, will increase primarily for global and regional energy transfer & communications

Recognition of the familiar - coloured by alteration of scale & relevance

Air and water will become major structural elements - sheltering, supporting & positioning

Increasing visual acuity amongst citizens combine with miniaturization and task acceleration of electronics should establish a new metropolitan awareness of both speed and interval

The environmental and operational advantages of the coast line -both natural and man made- is likely to encourage future urban development in coastal zones.

The potential of phased movement of goods, shelter and equipment by means of mechanical & magnetic suspension

Existing buildings in new roles - the buried social archeological relic...
... and the recognizable shell prepared for new uses.

The traditional legal and physical union between home/house and the land on which it stands will fragment enabling new variants of ownership & siting.

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