samedi 10 avril 2010

# Rendering Speculations organized by Tobias Klein and Ricardo de Ostos

On May 7th, Tobias Klein (see previous post) and Ricardo de Ostos are organizing a symposium at the AA about digital representation of architecture with architects such as Lebbeus Woods or Marjan Colletti but also graphic artists Andrew Jones and Julian Oliver.

Rendering Speculations
Date: 07.05.2010

A Symposium coordinated by Ricardo de Ostos (AA INTER 3/ NaJa-DeOstos) and Tobias Klein (AA First year Studio/ Horhizon)

Rendering Speculations is a day-long AA event in which seven invited guests, from a variety of different fields including architecture, conceptual art, video gaming and interface design, will discuss the topic of speculative visualisation and virtual design. Highlighting a variety of disciplines and approaches, the event seeks to locate architecture as a magnifying lens through which digital visions and speculations are imagined.

Speakers include:

Nigel Coates – architect, founder of NATO and head of department at the Royal College of Art, whose work pursues a narrative-driven architecture

Marjan Colletti – an architect and teacher at the Bartlett UCL, who explores digital architecture and representation

Andrew Jones – digital painter and ‘techno-mystic visual pioneer of digital art’

Julian Oliver – New Zealand born artist who works with augmented reality and interface design

Lebbeus Woods – American architect and educator whose work envisions experimental constructs and the question of the individual in society

Plus other guests to be confirmed

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There is also news that Zaha Hadid will be attending.

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