samedi 24 avril 2010

# La Qu... by Marc-Antoine Mathieu

Still following the adventures of Julius Corentin Acquefacques, prisoner of the dreams (see previous article), here is another graphic novel by the extremely talented Marc-Antoine Mathieu. This one is entitled La Qu... and has unfortunately not been translated in English (apparently only Dead Memory has been). This novel is once again extremely Kafkaian, but also borrows a small part of its narration to one of the best (and not so known) short story by James Graham Ballard called Billennium, which depicts an overpopulated world in which each citizen has the right on 3.5 square meters. The first image above also illustrate the influence of Marc-Antoine Mathieu since Lars von Trier's Dogville has been released ten years after La Qu...'s publication in 1993.
An important precision here, I tried not to spoil the novel by including the best frames of it, so you can still be fascinated while reading it for the first time.

3 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

Yes ! I like this book !
"La Qu..." is the second of five "Julius corentin Acquefacques prisonnier des rêves". Must see !!

Unknown a dit…

Where I can see the entire plot of this novel? Please let me know... I'm about to hire any free proofreading service to improve my writing skills a bit.

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