vendredi 9 avril 2010

# Dark lens by Cédric Delsaux

Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt's Empire has never been so visual thanks to Cédric Delsaux's amazing series called The Dark Lens and depicting our contemporary societies under the yoke of the dark force. As most of you may know, the Star Wars' Empire used the pretext of war (insecurity) to declare a perpetual state of emergency (read the previous article about Giorgio Agamben's state of exception) and establish an army as a quasi-omnipotent police. The comparison with the current state of the world is therefore easy and Cédric Delsaux, by a switch of context, succeeds with great talent to make the Empire troops extremely familiar to us.

much more pictures on Cédric Delsaux's website

originally via Transit-City. Thanks Francois B.