jeudi 20 mai 2010

# Living Walls The City Speaks Conference in Atlanta

Living Walls is the conference that will occur on August 13rd at Eyedrum in Atlanta and they are currently calling for (street) artists who would participate to the lecture series or to the posters exhibition. The current participating artists can be seen here.

Here is the text they sent us:
"We believe that Boiteaoutils is currently one of the most influential websites dedicated to theoretical spatial discussions. Thus, we are writing to you about our conference on street art and urbanism: Living Walls, The City Speaks. The goal of the conference is to present works from a very small subset of the population -people who make spatial interventions (street artists, graffiti writers, etc), under the same roof with those who generate and speculate about public space (researchers, writers, designers). Our intention is to broadcast a wide spectrum of ideas about public space and its use to our attendees. We hope that everyone leaves the event with a broader perception about the city, its walls, and its myriad potentials.

The conference will be split into a few components: a gallery show, a poster show, and a series of lectures. For the gallery and poster shows, we will showcase the works of a selection of international artists who use city streets as an outlet and canvas for their work. Currently, we are seeking artists that re-appropriate the public realm in order to take ownership and mediate space. For the gallery show, artists are be asked to submit artwork along with documentation and process (sketches, photos, video, text, etc.). This documentation should illustrate the scale and context of the artist's work within the urban landscape. Thus far, we will be featuring artists such as Miso, know-hope, and Gaia. We are also seeking a range of speakers who are interested in alternative, unconventional methods of spatial use. Presently, we have confirmed Jordan Seiler (public ad campaign), Jeff Ferrell, as well as local critics of public space. The last component of the conference is rigorous documentation as we intend to eventually publish ideas and projects created as a result of/for the conference.

Living Walls will take place the weekend of August 13 at Eyedrum in Atlanta. Ironically, our conference occurs in the same city shortly after CNU18 (Congress for New Urbanism -who advocates through use of existing and traditional political policies). Unlike CNU, whose audience is primarily composed of developers and academics who can afford the $200/day entry, Living Walls is addressed to the public, is completely free of charge, is open to participation, and challenges spatial theories via non-traditional use of spatial interventions.

Likewise, since we are a grassroots colloquium without the financial means and fee structure as the CNU, we also are looking to you and others for support. We are currently seeking sponsorship through any form that you can offer: posting information about our conference on your website, connecting us with artists and lecturers, and/or making a small financial donation. Attached are two documents (a press release and call for artists) that we are seeking to distribute. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us disseminate this information with your readers and colleagues. If you would like to contribute financially, you can do so via our website, We welcome any and all that you can offer. "

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